We analyse a brand's image, its digital presence and the performance/reception of its marketing messages.


Analysis is the basis for understanding a brand’s audience or a topic of conversation. It helps us to create recommendations. At the heart of our approach, our proprietary platform Plugr sorts and ranks data.

It provides a snapshot of the brand’s image, on social media, in the news, of its presence and the performance of its brand messages and communication tools.

Analysis provides an understanding of:

  • The extent of a brand’s current visibility and that of its products, compared to its competitors
  • The influencers and driving influences surrounding opinions on the brand
  • Conversation topics
  • User journeys on a given subject

Plugr collects data through partnerships with major global suppliers, social media platforms and press content.

Plugr provides a network of correspondents, on all continents, and in particular in every country within continental Europe, to supplement the local analysis reports. In the event of an emerging crisis or to understand a changing context, this network is invaluable.

Data Collection

  • Assessing needs and drawing up specifications
  • Collecting data: social media, news, surveys, over the required period


  • Volumetric analysis of data on the Plugr platform
  • identifying influences, trends, and key topics
  • Studying the data sets generated and discovering key insights


  • Analysing content and creating deliverables
  • Strategic recommendations, potentially including: creative and editorial ideas, recommendations relating to brand positioning, and social media strategy