Influencer Mapping

We map the main digital influencers on a certain subject or brand, to understand who and what is shaping public opinion.

Influencer Mapping

The crucial question is who’s shaping opinions? When it comes to forming opinions, the mass media have long dominated, as well as a smaller group of experts, decision-makers and intellectuals.

The advent of digital platforms and the dramatic increase in the number of people consuming media has allowed for a new category of opinion-makers to emerge: influencers. They represent the category of internet users who are highly active within their communities. Their fame can vary considerably, but their true power lies in their ability to promote an idea, a product, or a brand.

It involves identifying these influencers, bloggers, tweeters, and up-and-coming personalities within their subject, and evaluating their potential through assessing their reach, audiences, and activism. Who are the new influencers? Who are the key players regarding a given subject?

Plugr combines its best technology with its capacity for human analysis, to identify, out of millions of conversations, who the main influencers are, sector by sector, theme by theme.

More specifically, influencer mapping provides:

  • An instant database of relevant influencers
  • Influencer update—to identify new influencers
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports and dashboards, to understand key developments

Plugr collects data through partnerships with the major global suppliers, social media platforms and press outlets.

Plugr provides a network of correspondents, on all continents, and in particular in every country within continental Europe, to supplement the local analysis reports. In the event of an emerging crisis or to understand a changing context, this network is invaluable.