We monitor millions of conversations, publications, and forums in real-time in order to pinpoint key activity and take action accordingly.


Monitoring is an indispensable tool for taking action and acquiring key information on a daily basis. In order to monitor effectively, one needs to be able to identify the most important information.

It involves interpreting important conversations on social media, in the press and on television, and reading the most popular or significant articles.

Our monitoring deliverables are always supplemented by human analysis. The masses of information are filtered and prioritised by our technology.

MONITORING is available in various formats:

  • Daily newsletter, supplemented by alerts or analysis
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Influencers update—to identify new influencers
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports and dashboards, to understand key developments

Plugr collects data through a partnership with the major global suppliers, social media platforms and press content.

Plugr provides a network of correspondents, on all continents, and in particular in every country within continental Europe, to supplement the local analysis reports. In the event of an emerging crisis or to understand a changing context, this network is invaluable.


  • Assessing needs and drawing up specifications
  • Defining deliverables and time lines
  • Configuring the Plugr platform
  • Monitoring


  • Producing monitoring deliverables
  • Regular progress reviews on the quality and relevance of deliverables