Opinion 360

Get to the heart of how your customers perceive you with a cross-analysis of opinions provided online, via focus groups and cognitive signals


The internet has become the main tool for gaining insight into public opinion and market trends and identifying key influencers. Online conversations are, however, sometimes not enough.

Does a crisis have a real impact on perceptions of a product, or is this feeling mostly restricted to the social media sphere? Does a favourable survey or study really reveal public opinion, in all its complexity? It’s not unusual for a purely online or purely offline analysis to prove misleading.

Plugr collects and analyses a full range of data: conversations, opinions, and individual perceptions both online and in the media.

  • Online conversations: to understand reactions and topics, on social media and forums
  • Press and TV: analysis of opinions expressed by the media, in the press, on TV and radio, in an unlimited number of countries and without time constraints
  • Opinion: ad hoc surveys, with our partner institutions, and focus groups

In particular, Opinion360 provides

  • An initial analysis of the situation, based on historical data
  • Regular spotlight updates on current perceptions
  • Recommendations

Plugr collects data through partnerships with major global suppliers, social media platforms and press content.

Plugr provides a network of correspondents, on all continents, and in particular in every country within continental Europe, to supplement the local analysis reports. In the event of an emerging crisis or to understand a changing context, this “Watchmen” network is invaluable.


  • Assessing needs and drawing up specifications
  • digital guidance, surveys and press overview
  • Defining deliverables and time lines
  • Configuring the Plugr platform


  • Analysing and transmitting the data
  • Recommending a plan of action