From information

to innovation

Identify emerging trends, new influencers, and technologies to stay a step ahead


Understanding emerging trends within an industry, technology, or a community of enthusiasts is a powerful driving force for innovation. Reinventing a service, a product, or a brand requires understanding and foresight.


Plugr provides a map of emerging trends and key figures, and monitors their public activity. New topics of conversation and key players are identified, and this information is used to create a trends board each month.

Use case


A pharmaceutical laboratory wished to offer new OTC products (available over the counter without a prescription) to treat certain types of hay fever. An audit of European internet users' expectations relating to the subject was undertaken. It was completed with an analysis of remarks made by prescribers, doctors, journalists and experts.

These elements provided food for thought for the marketing and innovation departments within the laboratory, which then began to offer a new range of herbaceous plant-based products, in line with the market's expectations. Following exclusive initial distribution of the prototype, the reactions of the community, and in particular its core prescribers, were monitored.