Plugr is your monitoring assistant.
Simple yet powerful, created by marketing and communications professionals for:

Monitor global press and social media in real-time


Identify and listen to key influencers


Understand conversational trends

A smart assistant, Plugr organizes information based on factors like its importance, its popularity and its virality
With Plugr, intelligence becomes collective: your team can easily comment and share on collected content via newsletter
Identify relevant influencers
Influencers is an influencer mapping based on centre of interest, community size and popularity. This detailed database is updated in real-time by crawling information across social media platforms.
Monitor global press and social media
Feed is a real-time press and social media summary. The information is organized based on the popularity of source and the virality of the information: 88,000 media sources and all the social media platforms are crawled.
Compare trends and share of voice
Analytics is your monitoring dashboard. It allows users to determine popular and emerging topics of conversation, compare share of voice and determine the impact of a brand’s communications.
Understanding information in an instant
The Smartboard is an intuitive synthesis of key information—updated in real-time—with a focus on the important information and key influencers of the day.
To make smart decisions, you have to be on top of the state of the company’s reputation, the market and the news. Plugre is a simple, universal monitoring solution aimed at decision-makers.
To develop a brand’s digital presence, influencers are indispensable. Plugr allows you to identify and organize them based on their importance, and then follow their evolution.
Aggregating press and social media result in real-time, Plugr is your digital war room for anticipating crises, monitoring touchy news and keeping your whole team up to date.
Social media
Developing a brand community on social media requires reacting to conversations, identifying influencer allies and measuring performance. That’s what Plugr is here for.
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